B2C Best Practices & Tips

b2cThe meaning of B2C


B2C Meet the Captains! is the real Yare’s point of strength.

B2C means “Business to Captains”.

Business to Business meetings’ aim is the networking between companies of the yachting industry and superyachts
Captains, in order to improve each other knowledge and stimulate business co-operation.


B2C’s targets


  • Creating new business contacts
  • Focus on the excellence of the sector activities
  • Increase business relationships
  • Qualify and improve the local offer

How to participate


Subscribe to Yare 2017 choosing the “B” Participation Package

Participation to Superyacht Captains’ Forum, workshops + Thematic tables + Gala dinner + B2C sessions (“face to face”
meetings with Captains), organiszed in advance through a proven matching software. (EUR 1,500 + VAT)


matchmakingOne-to-One Meeting Matching & Timing


Yare is supported by the Like Event matchmaking system: a software that drives companies and captains through all the matching phases, from profiling to the meeting agenda.

Once a company has made the subscription, it will receive login credentials to a B2C Reserved Area. The company can log in through the web or through the Official Yare Mobile App (available on App Store and Play Store) and will participate in the following sessions of work:


Profiling Session


Profiling means give information about your company: company data, type of company, info about delegates that will be engaged
in the B2C.


Like Session


During this session, companies can express preferences on the characteristics of yachts (not on the captains name)

The preference expression is essential to the match making.

After the Like Session, the Match Making Session will start and it will lead to the construction of the best appointments’ Agenda.


match_iconMatchmaking Session


The Matchmaking Session is the session that leads to the built of the best matching meeting agenda.

The matching criteria give priority to reciprocal preferences, then to unilateral preferences, then to the characteristics of the operators, then to the indicated targets emerged from the profiling session.

The Agenda will be available in the online reserved area from April 14th.


live_iconLive Event


During the event companies can continue to access to the Mobile App “Yare” with the same login credentials.

Companies can use the Web App in order to:

  • Manage the timing of meetings
  • Take notes on single meetings
  • Evaluate single meetings
  • Send direct call to operators out of agenda to meet during free slots
  • Evaluate the whole event Yare 2017




tipBest Pratice & Tips