YARE is a unique and concrete business event that relies on matching between professionals going beyond private initiatives: Companies of the yachting industry on one side, and on the other those who lead and manage the yacht to the owner’s account: Captains and Yacht Managers.

YARE proposes itself as a distinct event compared to the global superyacht industry agenda, since it offers to Companies and to the industry a unique formula, based on original and innovative networking and face to face meetings between Companies and Captains.

YARE is organized and promoted by NAVIGO, service center for innovation and development of the yachting industry, and organised in the global hub for yacht building, servicing and operating: Tuscany – Italy.





YARE’s digital event support systems optimizes the event experience and meeting time that allow to easily and intuitively select the desired type of meeting or subject of further consideration.
Yare has a database of over 2600 Captains and the most representative and valuable Companies of the industry, both of them in constant development.

The unique features of YARE facilitate informal and productive meetings, contact and networking between product and service companies, and end-users in the area of decision-making and technical refitting: Captains of large units, yachts management companies, representatives of shipowners.





YARE takes place in Tuscany, the hub of the global yachting world where all industry disciplines come together and is a highly specialized event where professionals face and compare on the after-sale trends and refit topics, at an international level. Through the Superyacht Captains’ Forum, Workshops and meetings, the challenges of the future of the industry are addressed, for both those already working in the sector and those who are facing training paths to make part of it. Benefits for shipyards are can be identified as follows:

  • After sales – to learn from feedback on own yachts and others, see captains of their fleet at one place
  • New build – to learn from feedback on operational challenges, changes in owners’ wishes, learn from upcoming regulations
  • Refit service – promotion of services, acquisition for refit projects







YARE works on a base of 2.600 Captains contacts collected in the last 7 years from several sources: Captains’ associations, direct interest in the event, yacht managers, ports and marinas, other Captains’ events, magazines databases, service companies, training centres and Shipyards’ reporting.

Yare organization gets in direct contact with all of them, emailing, calling and inviting those currently onboard large MY or SY: they formally subscribe the boarding declaration to be allowed to participate to B2C meetings. Yare has increased the number of Captains managing yachts over 40 mt length and will continue to do so.







Thanks to its duration and various options of participation, YARE suites with the needs of companies of the Superyacht sector and Captains

  • The participation is customizable with packages and sponsorship options
  • Forum, workshops and training sessions
  • Networking social events
  • Face to face meetings with a dedicated and personalized agenda
  • Highly qualified and international audience










Last edition data show a significant growth

  • An increasing number of international companies: from Northern Europe Shipyards, ports and marinas, to suppliers of lighting systems, electronic, carpentry, yacht and crew management companies, Tax&Legal services, insurance, shipping registers.
  • A growing presence of foreign Captains, a significant increase of the length of the yachts, which have been built by more than 60 different shipyards.






At its 8th edition, YARE can now be considered an established and the most original business event in Italy and at an international level dedicated to the aftersales and refit of the super yachts.

The event offers the participating companies and Captains intense days of business, networking, information and discussion on the Superyacht industry.

YARE has earned a highly qualified and professional audience with high decision-making and purchase capacity. This has involved and still involve a work of relations and promotion of the event in Italy and abroad in all the major events dedicated to the sector. Activities that have enabled YARE to become a reference point in the international panorama for Companies and Captains.





Every year Yare improves its features thanks to the valuable advice from those who have participated to the past editions, in order to create an ever more engaging and useful networking event. Going beyond private initiatives, YARE is and will be the calibration moment between captains operating the yachts and the industry building and servicing them.

Yare works to constantly increase the attendance of yacht captains, improve the level of meetings not only during the event but also before and after the event, and to become a real and virtual place of meeting.

YARE aims to become the international platform where once a year all the Captains come together to learn about international regulations, share and discuss issues and trends, that affect them, or will affect them in the future. This provides an opportunity to discuss issues Captains need help with, and to recognize trends for the shipyards to act upon and learn from feedback from Captains operating the yachts and being owners representatives. YARE provides the platform for the industry to better serve the end users. An increased customer experience will likely result in a higher retention of existing customers and allow for the industry to expand and welcome new customers. YARE is dedicated to contribute to this mission.