1.300 meetings, 110 captains, 80 national and international companies participating


Excellent feedback from companies involved in relations with the Captains. The business meetings (B2C – Meet the Captain) 3K6A3345reach the number of 1.300, managed with a digital platform and the Yare App: a new instrument for matching agendas and an immediate evaluation for networking relationships.

85,6% of the companies consider that the meetings came up to their expectations with 92,2% of appreciation and complying with expectations. From Captains’ side, 100% claim to have appreciated the quality of meetings and of the seller and estimates the business contacts coherent with their needs as superyacht administrators.


110 captains who took part to the various events and scheduled appointments over the four days. 3K6A1687 Last year’s trend has been confirmed in the length of the boats represented, which shows a clear growth of 40-60mt superyachts. Above 60mt the percentage of 55% sums the yachts represented from 40 up to 60 mt. On the basis of the participating Captains, the sailing yachts were 11% of the total. 24 different flags represented, with a well-fed group of “Red Ensign” flags (Great Britain, Cayman Islands, Cook Islands, Man Island, Gibraltar and British Virgin Islands). In regards to the nationality, the data compared to the past editions show a significant change in the trend: 70% captains came from all over the world and 30% were the Italian ones. Following the split data on foreign nationality (25 nationalities) the British one is predominant, followed by French, Spanish and American. An elaborate data comes from the information obtained on construction shipyards and the provenance of the superyachts conducted by the participating Captains: 64 shipyards represented, where mainly the origin countries are: Italy, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, USA, with the world’s top yachting shipyards.

Focusing on the companies (80 companies participating), the presence of the excellent companies of the refit and aftersales sector is confirmed. Significant data indicate that about 40% of companies have joined YARE for the first time. Nearly 50% of companies come from all over the world: mainly from France, the Principality of Monaco, Germany and the United Kingdom, but also from Denmark, Croatia, the Netherlands and Switzerland. One of the most represented sectors was the one of services with companies specializing in yacht & crew management, coating & painting, insurance and brokerage, tax & legal services, yacht chandler. With regard to the presence of shipyards, the presence of some of the most important shipyards in the world, as well as of prestigious marine has to be pointed out. In addition, the presence of leading companies in the field of supply of accessories and systems (such as electronics and home automation, video audio systems, lighting, air and water treatment, propulsion systems, software, toys and tenders) specializing in the supply of interior materials. The main classification registers have participated as well.

As always, The Superyacht Captains’ Forum has been very appreciated where more than 350 people participated3K6A2712organised by the British media partner The Superyacht Group – able to deal with concrete aspects about the development of the refit and aftermarket market.

“YARE has become and will continue to be an international meeting point between yacht captains and the refit and aftersales industry,” says Katia Balducci, President of NAVIGO; – an international platform where, once a year, captains gather to learn about international standards, share and discuss issues and trends that involve them and will involve them in the future and where refit companies can secure customer loyalty or widen their market. Especially in this edition, it has also become a vehicle for promoting the territory thanks to the collaboration of the towns of Versilia, the Chamber of Commerce / Lucca Promos and the Province of Lucca for the appreciated side-event activities.

YARE is organised and promoted by NAVIGO, the center for innovation and nautical development.

This edition was sponsored by Lürssen, NCA Refit, Bureau Veritas, Galene, H & H, Jotun, Lusben, Marina di Genova, Porto Mirabello, Port of Pisa, San Lorenzo Shipyard. YARE has been endorsed by SYBAss, Sezione Yacht Federagenti Italia, Nautica Italiana, Ucina, the Nautical District and the Tuscan Portuality, of the associations of national and international captains (Gepy, Italianyachtmasters, Pya, Yca), Confartigianato and CNA produzione and local institutions: Province Lucca, Municipality of Viareggio, Municipality of Camaiore, Municipality of Forte dei Marmi and Municipality of Pietrasanta.The event has been supported by the Regione Toscana, Toscana Promozione Turistica, Lucca Chamber of Commerce, Luccapromos, Confindustria Toscana Nord e dalla Cassa di Risparmio di Pistoia e della Lucchesia.


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