YARE 365 Experiences

YARE 365 Experiences

YARE 365 experiences @ SEATEC

Carrara 7th feb 2014 10:30 am -12:00 pm

YARE 365 experiences is the event scheduled on the 7th of February at Seatec exhibition in Carrara, planned for press and social media, a tool we are testing in order to share Yare contents, to support the growth of  technical communities  as strategic means to promote our products and to create a steady interaction among stake holders.



YARE 365 experiences is the new step of the project Yare 365, the website and the software virtually supporting Yare event, including its future evolutions.

YARE 365 experiences also means the sharing of Yare activities in progress, besides the involvement of stake holders about innovation and best practices of the industry.

YARE 365 experiences is the social event inside a technical exhibtion Seatec, contributing to participants socialization and entertainment.



YARE 365 experiences is an open space, mainly dedicated to yacht captains, newspapers and magazines journalists, blogger and social media professionals and all the yacth refit and services suppliers:

  • Flag Administration
  • Classification Service
  • Coating &Painting
  • Engineering/Interiors
  • Insurance/Brokers
  • Marina Services & Costal Tourism
  • Yachting Agencies
  • Navigation Instrument & Software
  • New Building
  • Refit & Repair
  • Tax & Legal
  • Yacht Management/Crew
  • Associations
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Clusters


YARE 365 experiences is a space available to tell stories, testify experienes, ask for information, interact. Yacht refit and services suppliers and captains belong to separate worlds, crossing sometimes, but often not communicating effectively: our aim is to promote local businesses in the possible ways, and to do it we need to start thinking about yachting industry as integrated with the natural, cultural and social resources.
Routes choice is mainly based on the coast appeal on shipowners and their guests, and this appeal is created and maintained through effective communication strategies, experiential marketing, direct promotion throught visits of the area.
YARE 365 experiences is therefore a first input to be developed through 2014-2015 programme of activities, both with communication activites and software projecting.

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