Yare programme news!

Yare programme news!

18TH APRIL – District Tour and Welcome Party

On this arrival day, the delegation of our guest Captains will be doing a district tour, visiting shipyards and facilities; the tour will end with a welcome party sponsored by Lurssen.

19TH APRIL – Business in the very heart of the District & Gala Dinner

The most operative day of YARE will be held inside the nautical district of Viareggio.

In fact, Lusben repair shipyard (Via Coppino 431, 55049 Viareggio) will welcome the on 19th April, The Superyacht Captains Forum day, in the Paint Shed – set up for the occasion.

Just after the keynote and opening speech, a diverse mix of Captains, Managers and the Refit and Repair Industry will join in interactive and instructive workshops.

After the lunch, co-sponsored by Jotun, the VIP delegates and industry partners will be divided into three teams and be asked to migrate through Viareggio to the various workshop locations (at walking distance) where they will be lead in debate and workshops to solve key problems or share ideas and experiences.

Lusben as the “Blue Room” and two other shipyards will be named as “Gold Room” and “Red Room”.

Blue, gold and red: the colors of YARE bring you around the district!

NCA Refit will be the exclusive sponsor the Gala Dinner of YARE 2018, in Lucca, in the marvellous location of Palazzo Pfanner.


20TH APRIL – Meetings with companies!

B2C Meet the Captain, meeting key people has never been so easy!

Lusben will again welcome what we call B2C Meet the Captain: each Captain will receive an agenda of scheduled meetings that our system sets up (basing on the specific interests of Captains and Companies), then matching it (procedures all activated through the YARE APP). At the end of the day the Exclusive Captains Dinner will take place.


21TH APRIL – Yare Active!

Need to relax after business? On the last day of YARE Captains are all invited to experience some sport activities: football match Captains / companies; open air target shooting and bike racing tour with an international champion; don’t miss this opportunity to have fun together!

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