23 April 2018


YARE ended today, the day after the Captains in attendance were able to relax and discover the region of Versilia.

During the eighth edition of YARE, the business event focusing on aftersales and refit, 1,500 meetings took place, 110 Captains attended and 90 Italian and international companies were present.

110 Captains, 90 Italian and foreign companies, 400 participants at the Superyacht Captains Forum and 1,500 meetings (B2C – Meet the Captain) attended the business event. Numbers the allow to draw a consolidation and improvement report attesting YARE as the international appointment dedicated to refit and aftersales of the Superyacht sector.

YARE was, for the first time, hosted in the center of one of the most important nautical districts in the world, which includes 1,400 companies, equal to 40% of the companies in the sector in Tuscany, a major hub of the global superyacht industry. The choice of location was appreciated by companies that have been able to optimize their time between networking with the Captains, visits to construction sites and meetings with other entrepreneurs in the sector.

For many years, YARE has offered industry professionals a dynamic programme and opportunity for meetings and discussions, business, networks and information. The Superyacht Captains’ Forum – renewing its format at each edition and meeting the needs of a highly specialized audience – has given way to tackling and deepening concrete aspects of a fundamental slice of the pleasure yachting market. It has encouraged technical discussions and exchanges of information on what challenges and what approach to the refit and aftersales market have to face in the near future, considering that the fleet of yachts globally counts 5,649 units from 30 up to over 100 meters.

In this edition, a higher number of companies and Captains used the YARE mobile App than previous years, allowing enhanced communication between the organizers and delegates. The day of the “B2C Meet the Captains!” demonstrated that the profiling, communication and matching strategies between the companies and Captains worked well.

This method made it possible to arrive at the day before the event with agendas of meetings already shared and with an average satisfaction that for companies was already 76.2% and for the Captains equal to 89.16%. The use of digital tools has allowed us to carry out a number of meetings higher than those expected. The companies declared, through the App at the end of each meeting, that 81% of the meetings were interesting and as expected. An important point of view is that of the Captains who showed 76% of interest towards the services offered by the company. The Captains stated that 92.3% of the meetings were fully in line with expectations and interesting for the activities of their yachts, with the possibility declared by over 70% of the services offered in the short term. The effectiveness of the relationships that we are able to tighten, not only between companies and captains, but also among the companies that are protagonists of the yachting industry, is very appreciated. All these positive elements speak of an event capable of giving a business opportunity to a sector that exists and which sees in Viareggio the center of international interest, not only for the purchase of superyachts, but also for the aftersales.

“The market shows an unquestioned Italian record with data on the construction of superyachts that indicate an interesting growth for the new building, but also for the whole refit, repair and aftersales sector considering that a large building after its production is worth six times its value in terms of spending – states Vincenzo Poerio, President of YARE. Also, for Tuscany, with companies very oriented to the superyacht sector – this event represents an opportunity to deepen the news and trends and enlarge the market”.

“The YARE format has reached a very good and international level and the event has now entered, in all respects, the calendar of appointments of sector experts – underlines Pietro Angelini, General Director of NAVIGO -. The team was able to manage, even on this occasion, an event organized in the heart of the district in places designed to host the business, enhancing the daily nautical work contexts, with a Versilia and Tuscan territory in the background once again hospitable and unique”.

Thanks to the endorsement of important national and foreign associations, YARE is supported both by private companies and institutions. YARE is organized and promoted by NAVIGO, a service center for the innovation and development of boating with the support of the Nautical Technology District and the Port of Tuscany.

YARE is sponsored by NCA Refit, Lürssen, Bureau Veritas, Galene, H & H, Jotun, Lusben, H & H, One Ocean Port Vell Barcelona and Porto Mirabello. It is supported by: Ucina – Confindustria Nautica, Technological District for the Nautical and the Portualità Toscana, Chamber of Commerce Lucca, Lucca Promos and by Cassa di Risparmio of Pistoia and Lucca.

It enjoys the patronage of SYBAss, Ucina – Confindustria Nautica, Italian Nautica, Yacht Federagenti Italia Section, associations of national and international Captains: Gepy, Italianyachtmasters, Pya and local institutions Viareggio Municipality, Municipality of Lucca, Municipality of Pietrasanta, Municipality of Camaiore and Province Lucca. Technical partners: Box Mistral, North Sails, Pardini Armi, Principino Mare Viareggio and Versilia Supply Service. International media and conference partner: The Superyacht Group. Media: Superyachtdigest, The World of Yachts and Boats and Yachting Pages


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