25 February 2019

Historical palace in Lucca to host Yare Gala Dinner.

The Real Collegio, a 16th-century building located in the very heart of Lucca, will be the location for the Networking Gala Dinner, to be held on the evening of Thursday 21st of March.

The Gala Dinner is an event within itself and a bright opportunity to mingle with all Yare’s attendants.

After the Superyacht Captains’ Forum and the thematic¬†workshops, about 500 guests amongst the Captains and the companies’ representatives are invited to this pleasant evening which includes entertainment and music.

Another exquisite venue, as fascinating as the ones usually chosen by the organizers to tell the beauty of our territory: villas, cloisters, and palaces have hosted some past editions of the Gala Dinner.

The Real Collegio, formerly a convent, then a Public Library and a College, is immersed in the charming atmosphere of the historical city center, just a few steps away from the Renaissance walls.


Real Collegio P.zza del Collegio, 13,
55100 Lucca LU