15 March 2019

YARE 2019: shipyards, innovative refit companies, and qualified superyacht Captains

See who’s participating in this edition of the dedicated business event which gathers companies from East, West Med and Northern Europe

Getting to know the latest innovations, making captains and companies meet and choose the best solutions and services, analyzing the dynamics of the refit market. All of this thanks to the format brought by The Superyacht Captains’ Forum and B2C Meet the Captain: through the YARE APP targeted meetings can be arranged, matching everyone’s specific and precise interest.

This is the recipe of YARE (Yachting Aftersales and Refit Experience), one among the most important and awaited yachting industry events, now at its ninth edition.

NAVIGO organizes the event, with the support of Tuscany’s Nautical and Ports Technological District, slated for the 20th to the 23rd of March in Viareggio, home of one of the most important districts in the sector.

A hundred captains will be guests, at the helm of yachts in the lengths from 30 to 60 meters and over 60 meters. Boats which represent the main categories of the global yachting fleet and the biggest part of the building and refit market. Almost all the captains attending YARE is here on behalf of foreign private owners while motor yachts outnumber sailing yachts.

Among these captains some truly stand out, driving unique boats renowned for their history, skillful craftsmanship and the will of their owners to keep their beauty intact without impairing comfort and evolving technologies. As an example, Ambrosia, a 65 meters motor yacht built in Viareggio by Benetti in 2005; Ocean Paradise, another Benetti 55 meters giant; Giò Chi Thè, a Codecasa “Vintage series” born from the collaboration between the shipyard’s crew and interior design architect Tommaso Spadolini; Sarastar, Mondomarine’s 60 meters flagship completely built in aluminium and sporting elegant yet dynamic curves thanks to designer Luca Dini; the gigantic Ice, a 90 meters private yacht born as Air in 2005 and completed in Bremen by Lürssen on a Tim Heywood project; the historical SS Delphine, a 79 meters launched in 1921, the only one of all the America built big steam yachts built in between 1893 and 1930 with its original engines still running; AnniVenti, a 27 meters schooner directly from the glorious Viareggio nautical history, built in 1925 by Giovanni Battista Codecasa and one of the oldest recreational crafts, born to transport marble and later converted into a charter; Areti, an 85 meters masterpiece in engineering and design made by Lürssen; Nourah of Riyad, Yachtley’s crown jewel, built in Turkey and enriched by Donald Starkey’s design; Yaakun, built in Nicolini shipyards in Ancona in 1987 and re-adapted in 2007, a vessel with a perfect balance between luxury and engineering.

Together with the captains, we’re noticing a strong interest from companies, as YARE keeps being a strategic and unmissable event for refit and new buildings market leaders in the Mediterranean and Northern Europe area: as always Italy, France, Monaco, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany and Great Britain are the countries the most of the participants come from.

Just to name some of the companies that chose YARE: Lürssen, NCA Refit, Lusben, Orbis Yacht, Fincantieri, Overmarine, Baglietto, Amico&Co, Rosetti Superyachts and Palumbo superyachts, Pinmar, Asterillos de Mallorca and WinterHaven, innovative venture starting in Valencia.

The same goes for the marinas, representing all the Mediterranean basin with One Ocean Port Veill, Port Tarraco, Porto Mirabello, Marina di Loano, Marina di Cala del Forte, Marina di Arechi, Capo D’Orlando Marina, Porto Montenegro, West Instanbul.

A notable comeback is from the east/Adriatic Med area, from Montenegro to Turkey and the participation of refit company networks like TRS-Trieste Refitting System.

HISWA, the most important Dutch sector association signed in again, and Port of Amsterdam will be here with their Amsterdam Your Superyacht Destination brand, which selected YARE as their preferred international showcase.

Talking about associations, UCINA Confindustria Nautica patronises and actively supports YARE, which is also patronised by Nautica Italiana.

As concerns operative and technical partners, YARE guests yacht painting leaders like Jotun and Boero, other than a long list of supplying and design companies like Metrica, Protea, Lanka Marine, Fabbri Fiore, Castor Marine, Boning, Femo Bunker.

When we talk superyachts there are service and management agencies to be aware of, like Luise, H&H, De Felice Maritime Consulting and Yacht Management and Rosemont.

YARE will happen in the beautiful venue Il Principino convention center on Viareggio’s seaside promenade, where The Superyachts Captains’ Forum and B2C Meet the Captain will be held. There will be also leisure activities in the territory and a planned yachting district tour for the captains.

YARE is sponsored by Lürssen, Boero, Jotun, Porto Mirabello and Orbis Yacht, NCA Refit, Lusben and Fincantieri.

Supported by Ucina – Confindustria Nautica, Distretto Tecnologico per la Nautica e la Portualità Toscana, Camera di Commercio Lucca and Lucca Promos.

Patronised by SYBAss, Nautica Italiana, Sezione Yacht Federagenti Italia, from italian and international captains’ associations Italian Yachtmasters and Pya and from local institutions Comune di Viareggio, Comune di Lucca and Provincia di Lucca. International media partners: The Superyacht Group. Media partners: Nautica Report, Superyacht Radio, Superyacht Digest, The World of Yachts and Boats and Yachting Pages.

Press Release

Viareggio, 15 march 2019
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