30 November 2020




The “Bachelor Degree in Business with Specialization in Management for Yachting Captains” was designed with the aim to relaunch the skills and credibility in the global market of people who work in the Italian maritime sector and to guarantee quality and protect the professionalism of captains and also of those who wish to enter this sector.

A formation course that will allow to certify the managerial ability of the captain in all phases of the yacht’s life: from design and construction to refit. Contents and participation details announced during YARE (Yachting Aftersales and Refit Experience), international yachting event which is presenting in December business meetings B2C Meet the Captain between superyacht captains and aftersales and refit companies.

It is aimed at Captains with years of experience in the sector who have not earned a degree, but wish to do so without having to restudy everything they have already learned and having recognized up to 50% of their previous work experience as part of the degree program; students entering their first degree program in the area of ​​yachting management, experimenting with innovative learning approaches such as work based learning to also acquire the skills and experiences required by the employment market and allowing them to be more effective in their professional integration ; graduates who are looking for a career change or entry into the yachting sector.

The course is held partly online and partly through specific work experiences: the future of higher education allows students to be more flexible and to work and study at the same time wherever they are.

Given the notable presence of Maltese flags in yachting, GY Academy, an international institute of higher education with Headquarters in Malta – in collaboration with the ISYL Foundation (Italian Superyacht Life) and NAVIGO, a nautical innovation and development company – has developed the bachelor’s degree with an innovative study program that implements new methods such as:

  • Recognition of prior learning – students enrolled in the program have the possibility to request GY ACADEMY the recognition of previous knowledge and skill the student has  gained through formal learning (trainings, workshops, seminars, etc. ) and non – formal learning (workplace related), allowing them to reduce the time of studying for the bachelor degree to up to 50% ( from 3 years to 1year  and half)


  • Work based learning the students have the unique opportunity to experience in practice what has been taught during the bachelor as they will learn how to facilitate daily interactions, work and brainstorming while working on site in shipyards with professionals. Furthermore, they will acquire not just the bachelor’s degree but also the work experience requested by the employment market and making them more successful in securing a job in the sector.
  • Employability in sectors beyond yachting – by the end of the bachelor program, students may be employed in various professions such as: shipyard manager, recreational tourism, marine consultancy, business or economic development, entrepreneur, project management, yacht management, business development, Pleasure Craft management, operations supervisor, security operations coordinator, sales manager.


The bachelor’s degree is accredited in Malta and has 180 ECTS (academic credits), therefore, the credits are valid in Europe with ease of recognition in 30 Commonwealth Countries as Malta is both part of the EU and Commonwealth.

GY Academy also offers the possibility of short courses, officially recognized, lasting between six months and one year for those who would like to acquire more knowledge in the sector without obtaining a bachelor’s degree. The courses provided are: Undergraduate Certificate in Maritime Business (30 ECTS), Undergraduate Certificate in Maritime Entrepreneurship

(30 ECTS), Undergraduate Certificate in Maritime Economy (32 ECTS), Undergraduate Certificate in Maritime marketing and Communication (32 ECTS) Undergraduate Diploma in Management for Yacht Captains (62 ECTS).

Entry requirements include having completed a secondary school, matriculation exam or professional qualification (MQF level 5) or at least one year of documented seagoing service.

GY Academy is a Higher Education Institution accredited by the National Commission for Further and Higher Education Institution, in Malta, qualified to issue European valid Degree Courses from MQF Level 5 to Level 8 according to the European Higher Education System.

For more information on the program or to request the application form, you can contact the academy by email at: info@gy.edu.mt and visit the website www.gy.edu.mt