26 December 2020


The first edition of the Award focuses on training and knowledge

The first RINA Captains’Awards, included in the program of YARE 2020 digital edition chose three Captains as the winners of this first edition launched during the international event organized by NAVIGO dedicated to the yachting industry.

The prize has been awarded to professionals with a long and profound knowledge in luxury yachts: : captain James Archer for the category charter yachts over 50 mt., captain  Panagiotis Gaglias for the category charter under 50 mt. and captain Federico Sangregorio for private yachts.

A very important and helpful recognition to inform captains on a series of new regulations and to verify the level of knowledge: a fundamental part of navigation that RINA Marine Training can provide as part of its continuous growth in the professional training sector through a service dedicated to yachting. With expert teachers and tutors offering an in-depth analysis on the topics highlighted during YARE.

Captains were provided with a technical training course on statutory international certifications for class and flags, including the most relevant topics that will come into effect in the international regulatory framework. Along with the course, captains had to complete a short test to be reviewed by the jury formed by the RINA, SYBAss and YARE experts.

NAVIGO and RINA expressed great appreciation for the many captains who participated in the first edition of this award, already looking at the potential for the upcoming editions of YARE.

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